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This is our 1 year entrance level requirement for all study programs.

This is our entry level teaching. The first year of our bachelor’s programs. The Certificate in Ministry is awarded to students who successfully complete the seven modules which make up this course.

This is an exciting and interesting course and is primarily focused on theology, without all the technical jargon. The teaching is practical and can be applied in your life and ministry from the beginning.


This is our entrance level qualification and is designed to prepare students for further studies. This is the minimum level for entry into our degree programs. However, some of our students choose not to study further and that’s fine. You decide on how far you want to go with your studies. The Certificate in Ministry is awarded to students who successfully complete the seven modules which make up this course.

1. Christian Foundations.

This module covers the basics of Christianity. The foundational doctrines that we feel are necessary to be able to function as a christian leader. This is an exciting and interesting course and is primarily focused on theology, without all the technical jargon. These teachings are practical and can be applied in your life and ministry from the start. We all need wisdom and wisdom starts with knowledge. You can have knowledge without wisdom, but you can’t have wisdom without knowledge.

Christian foundations are a collection of teachings about what Jesus taught. He must always be our role model as we take our direction from Him. His whole earthly ministry was about discipleship. Being a disciple of Jesus is lifelong journey of being transfor med into His image.

There is an introduction and 18 chapters in this module: getting wisdom, Jesus taught, discipleship, the Sermon on the Mount 1 & 2 , servant leadership, authority of the church, the Kingdom of God, the message of Jesus, the Spirit of the leader, go make disciples, the laying on of hands, the Parables, eschatology 1-6.

2. The Bible

Also known as Hermeneutics. This is the study of biblical interpretation, a vital and often neglected area of study. You will learn how to correctly interpret the bible and with this comes a greater understanding of biblical truths. Students will learn how to determine what is error and what is truth.

Studying the Bible can be one of the most fulfilling activities of your life. It can also be a drag if approached in the wrong way. Learning to study the Bible correctly is vitally important. This course teaches skills which help you to be a good Bible student by learning what the Bible is about and how to interpret it correctly. A major part of being a Christian is sharing our faith with others. By increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Bible you will become a more effective witness.

You will also learn to study the Bible in a way that will allow God to be able to effectively communicate to you through it. In other words, you will be able to better understand what God’s will for your life is. The main way He speaks to us is through His word, therefore, when we better understand His word, we can better understand what he wants us to do. This is the reason that the Bible was inspired to be written in the first place. God wants to guide your life in order that you have life and have it more abundantly (Jn. 10:10). When you have the abundant life, you see life as service to others. Only by being a servant to others can we enjoy our lives here on earth.

This module consists of an introduction and 14 chapters which cover: Old and New Testament divisions, the history of the bible, Christian worldview, Christocentric, blood covenants, covenant terms, bible covenants, principle of biblical interpretation, New Testament interpretation, we must study the bible, understanding the bible, what the bible is and developing effective bible studies.

3.Spiritual Beings

Who is God? Where does He come from? Why am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What happens to me when I die?

These are the great questions of life. Most people ask these questions at some point in their lives. We want to make sense of it all, to understand what life is about. Every tribe and nation on the earth has some concept of God. Someone once said that there is a God sized void inside all of us that needs to be filled. There are many concepts of God. From birth, every one of us has an innate sense that “there is something more than just me” and a drive to discover what that might be. In the same way, all people, whether they are believers or not, seek the deeper meaning, purpose, and significance that exists in life, relationships and the things that happen to us.

Sometimes spiritual beings are misunderstood. Often in a search for a god people start worshipping angels and other beings. In this module we look at different kinds of spiritual being to bring a greater understanding of the spirit realm.

This module consists of 15 chapter: God, the Glory of God, three attribute of God, The Trinity, The Father, The Fathers love, as Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, the origin of angels, characteristics of angels, different kinds of angels, functions of angels, demons and authority.

4. Prayer

Prayer is communication with God. Wrong prayer does not always produce the required results. Do you want to have an effective prayer life? Do you understand Biblical prayer? Do you know how to deal with demonic attacks and possession? This course contains the answers to these questions and more.

Students learn how to pray effectively and therefore get positive results. There are different types of prayers for different situations. We need to know how to pray and what to say when praying. All believers have spiritual authority and we need to understand how to operate in this authority.

This module teaches students how to pray effectively and consists of the Name, bible prayers, the greatest prayer ever prayed, the Lord’s Prayer, intercession, praying in the Spirit, the prayer of faith and binding and loosing.

5. Inner Victory

This practical course teaches us how to identify and break demonic strongholds that affect our thinking, speech, emotions and behaviour. It also discusses practical ways to renew our minds.

Jesus came to set the captives free, to heal the broken hearted, yet many Christians are still in bondage. They have not found the freedom that Jesus gave all of us on the cross. Sometimes it is ignorance and sometimes it is as a result of demonic activity. This course teaches students about deliverance and is not just for people called to deliverance ministry but is for all Christians. We all need an understanding of the subject, either for our own benefit or for other people.

This course consists an introduction and 11 sections: Introduction, two Kingdoms, your spiritual house, generational curses, wounds and traumas, roots and fruits, practical explanations, renewing of the mind, spirit, soul, body and salvation, counterattack prayer and prayer of blessing.

6. Spiritual Gifts

The bible mentions more than 30 different spiritual gifts. They are not for the people that are gifted, but to be used for the benefit of the body of Christ. In order to fulfil our God given destinies we need to understand and know what ministries we are called to. Knowing what our spiritual gifts are helps us tremendously to understand our callings. This module helps you to discover what your spiritual gifting’s are and how to step into your calling. You will also learn about the other gifts and how to relate to them.

There are two major problems related to the subject of spiritual gifts. The first is that far too few Christians are involved in any kind of ministry. They are spectators rather than participants. None of these ‘spectators’ have the joy of being actively involved in ministry, and of seeing God work through them in the exercise of their spiritual gifts. Often the leadership encourages them to be spectators by wanting to do all ministry themselves.

A second problem is with those who are actively involved in the ministry of the local church, but who are not functioning in a ministry which corresponds to their spiritual gifts. An example of this is that less than 10% of people called as evangelists ever step into their true calling. They either become pastors or do other church related ministry.

This module consists of 17 chapters: Spiritual gifts by chapter, misconceptions, discover your spiritual gifts, elders and deacons, different gifts, miraculous gifts, serving gifts, motivational gifts, grace gifts, apostles, apostolic missions statement, the first apostles, prophets, discerning true and false, personal prophesy, evangelists, plus a Pneuma Gifts and Personality Analysis.

7.  The Prophets Manual

Are you a budding prophet or just interested in the prophetic ministry? This module is a manual to train people who are called into the prophetic ministry to step into this very important and often misunderstood and abused ministry. It is also for those students who want to get a better understanding of the prophetic.

This module consists of an introduction and ten chapters: The Prophet, exposure of evil infiltration, release of Prophetic revelation, preparation and training, stages of development, prophetic realities, for and against, procedures, alarm signals and are you ready?


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