Second Year

211 The Law


One cannot speak of the Bible without speaking in superlatives. It is the most widely read
book in the world. It is the most translated book in all of history. It has continued to be the
number one best-selling book in all of history. It is the most valuable book in the world.
There is no question that it is the most life-changing book ever written.


The impact of the Bible upon Western civilization has been absolutely enormous. Western civilization is founded upon the Bible. Professor William Phelps of Yale observed: “Our civilization is founded upon the Bible. More of our ideas, our wisdom, our philosophy, our literature, our art, our ideals come from the Bible than from all other books combined.”

The Bible has inspired the greatest literature, the greatest art, the greatest achievements of architecture (the Cathedrals), the age of exploration, world missions, the rule of law, the separation of powers, checks and balances, representative government, the sanctity of life, and so much more.

It is to the Bible that we owe our legacy of the rule of law. It is the Bible that ushered in an era of compassion, charity, liberty and justice. The Ten Commandments are the moral and legal foundation of Western civilization. Most of the world’s languages were written down by Christian missionaries. The first book in most languages in the world was the Bible.


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