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  • 104 Prayer

    Welcome to this exciting course about prayer. Prayer is communication with God, which is two-way communication. Wrong prayer does not always produce the required results. Do you want to have an effective prayer life? Do you understand Biblical prayer? Do you know how to deal with demonic attacks and possession? This course contains the answers to these questions and more.

    Students learn how to pray effectively and therefore get positive results. There are different types of prayers for different situations. We need to know how to pray and what to say when praying. All believers have spiritual authority and we need to understand how to operate in this authority.

    This module teaches students how to pray effectively and consists of chapters; Introduction, Hearing God, Faith, The Name, Praise and Worship, Bible Prayers, The Greatest Prayer ever Prayed, The Lord’s Prayer, The Promises, Preparation for War, Binding and Loosing, Intercession, Praying in the Spirit, The Prayer of Faith.

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