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  • Leadership 301 Leadership Principles

    As Christians, we live by principles and not by rules. Rules are external conditions, which we need to comply with in order to avoid being penalized. Principles are internal and are driven by the desire for the right things. This teaching looks at some of the principles we need to live by as leaders.

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  • Leadership 302 Philosophy

    Philosophy is a very very important study. There are many different streams of philosophy that permeate through society and affect our thinking without us being aware of what is happening. This brief study will open your eyes to the way different philosophies influence the world and how to recognize them.

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  • Leadership 303 The Church

    The Church is the bride of Christ. This module teaches us about her role and conduct. How we the body of Christ should conduct ourselves.

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  • Leadership 304 Homiletics

    This is vital for every minister of the Gospel. Homiletics is the art of preparing or writing sermons.

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  • Leadership 305 Ordination

    Ordination is a requirement in many ministries today for you to be able to minister. We study ordination from a scriptural perspective so that students will know and understand the biblical principles of ordination and not the secular humanistic rules that are widespread today.

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  • Leadership 306 Conclusion

    Conclusion and encouragement for the future. Congratulations on completing Leadership, you have almost completed your Bachelors’s Degree.

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