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  • 201 Wholeness

    The wholeness course is all about bringing together the spiritual, emotional and behavioral aspects of your life. It will give you a very practical framework for understanding how God fits into every area of your life, and our aim is to equip you with tools that will help you grow closer in your relationship with God. We need to be whole to live productive and joyful lives, as well as to be able to effectively counsel other people.

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  • 202 Boundaries

    Boundaries are visible and invisible borders which show where our properties begin and end. The owner of the property is legally responsible for what happens within the boundaries.
    People’s lives improve when implementing healthy boundaries and can then help or assist other people in creating and implementing healthy boundaries for themselves.
    People who do not have clear cut boundaries often experience problems. With implementing boundaries, research shows that many symptoms disappear quickly and people with boundaries are generally happier
    This module consists of 10 sessions: boundaries, healthy boundaries, biblical boundaries, symptoms, boundaries in friendship and work, boundaries in parenting, boundaries and parents, boundaries and abusive people, boundaries in recovery, boundaries in dating

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  • 203 Pastoral Counselling Section 1

    Pastoral Counselling

    Counselling is a big part of ministry, especially pastoral ministry. Pastors in particular are often called on to counsel. To be effective counselors we need to be properly trained. The aim of Christian Counselling is to bring us back to wholeness in Christ. The most compelling difference between correct Christian Counselling and other forms of counselling is that the Christian Counselor is led by the Holy. A Christian counselor aims to bring people to a place where they experience the fullness of Christ in their lives.

    This is a practical course which equips you to counsel in a variety of areas. The module is divided into 5 sections, each consisting of chapters.

    Section one consists of 9 chapters: the uniqueness of Christian counselling, preparation or counselling, the counselling setting, hosting the presence of God, effective communication, distractions in counselling, counselling techniques, counselling models and counselling mistakes.

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  • 204 Pastoral Counselling Section 2

    Section 2 consists of 11 chapters: biblical foundations, the supremacy of scripture, the nature of God, sin, dying to self, strongholds of the mind, forgiveness, reasons for forgiving others, guilt, overcoming stress and fear.

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  • 205 Pastoral Counselling Section 3

    Section 3 consists of 8 chapters: emotional intelligence, 3 major needs, spirit soul body, grief cycle, psychology, developmental psychology, depression, discussion questions.

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